UPTON Noble is expecting a plethora of visitors to its second Uptonogood Cider Launch this Saturday (15 April).

Following a highly successful inaugural fixture last Easter, the event now boasts a new title sponsor in award-winning Batcombe pub The Three Horseshoes, while the popular Somerset Paddies will once again be providing the musical entertainment. 

The schedule will be as follows (some times are approximate): 

Doors open from 7pm onwards.

Food served from 7pm onwards from Gilcombe Farm and local chef Sophie Docker. There will be a vegetarian/vegan option.

Somerset Paddies play from approximately 8.30pm onwards.

DJ Poshratz will appear during the evening.

Music and the bar close at 12.30am. 

Kav Javvi, landlord of The Three Horseshoes Inn has noted that he is looking forward to the event. “The Cider Launch is an exciting venture for a village that has lost its own pub,” he said. “It promises to be a really exciting event and a great opportunity to sample some great cider as well as catch up with friends.”

Organiser Dan Hurring said: “The combination of the Uptonogood Cider launch and The Three Horseshoes is a winning combination. We are incredibly grateful for Kav’s backing this time. It can only enhance what promises to be a fantastic event.”   

The apples that have gone into making Uptonogood Cider this year were collected by more than 20 villagers one Sunday last October. The harvest was coordinated by Millwhite Cider’s John White whose company has been involved in processing the apples, as in 2016. 

“We had a great turnout yet again from villagers, young and old to help with the harvest,” said John. “The enthusiasm was great to see, especially from the children who frantically climbed and shook the trees to maximise the amount of apples we were able to collect.”

Kindly villagers donated apples from trees within their gardens and orchards, while this time Hents Hill Farm donated apples from their orchard too. 

In total the apples collected enabled Millwhites to press 1,400 litres of juice, a significant increase on 2016’s 1,000 litres. The cider was then sent to Complete Bottling in Derbyshire, making around 2,600 bottles or 215 cases.

“Hopefully this will mean that we build on the success of last year and are able to spread the good word about the cider and what it can achieve as a fund raiser for the village,” continued John. “We will be able to offer the cider to a wider number of local outlets this time, which should bring more attention to the Beer Festival [1-2 September 2017].”

Entry is £4 per person. Anyone wanting to buy a case of Uptonogood Cider will get one bottle free. Cases cost £27.50. Details from John White, email: sales@millwhites.co.uk, or Dan Hurring, email: dan@danhurring.com.